Consult Request

The Michigan Opioid Collaborative’s goal in offering Substance Use Disorder consultations is to help providers in Michigan treat their patients and their needs with quality, collaborative, and evidence-based care. Our team of addiction specialists, psychiatrists, OB/GYN and family medicine providers are here to help with patient cases related to Opioid Use Disorder and other substance use disorders. You can request a consultation through our online form or by calling and speaking with a behavioral health consultant. Have questions? Visit How it Works for more information on how our consultation process is handled.


When requesting a consultation, please have the following information ready:

  • Patient’s age
  • Patient’s insurance (for purposes of identifying local behavioral health resources)
  • The best way for you to be contacted (e.g. office backline, cell phone)
  • Additional questions include: patient’s current medications, substance use, and treatment, other medical issues