Through grant funding provided by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, support from the Spectrum Health Foundation, and in coordination with the Michigan Opioid Collaborative, Michigan State University’s specialized GREAT MOMs (Grand Rapids Encompassing Addiction Treatment and Medical Obstetric Management) program will support providers (family medicine, obstetric, nurse midwifery) with diagnosis, treatment planning, and medication management of pregnant people with substance use disorders.

The GREAT MOMs program aims to help providers inspire whole person wellness by providing treatment to help minimize fetal exposure to illicit substances, and engaging the pregnant person as a leader in their recovery.

What Services Are Available?

    • Assistance to any OB provider with free waiver training and support to initiate care for pregnant people with OUD
    • Support to any office in the state of Michigan that provides prenatal care and would like to “step up” to help pregnant people with this issue
    • Creating support systems to assist with any barriers to care

If you know someone who is interested in creating a GREAT MOMs Program in their office, contact Jennie Mills at