In addition to MOC’s peer-to-peer consultation and Behavioral Health Consultant services, our program also provides telecounseling for patients with OUD and telementoring for clinicians through research projects approved by the University of Michigan Institutional Review Board. 


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MOC’s Telecounseling project, MI-teleCONNECT, is an 8-week telephone-based counseling program to help patients reduce substance use and maintain goals. During the course of the study, participants will receive 8 counseling sessions and surveys delivered via telephone that are scheduled around their availability.



The Telementoring project is a project aimed at supporting Providers in treating patients with Opioid Use Disorders (OUDs). This project places one of our University of Michigan Addiction Specialists into a patient’s appointment (alongside their provider) to support the provider in assessing and treatment planning for patients with OUD via videoconference. Additionally, providers are also able to contact our University of Michigan Team during the project time frame to ask questions related to inductions, patient follow-up, etc. Providers are given incentives for participating and completing various surveys, which will better help our team support additional providers in the treating of OUD. 


Enrollment has ended for both studies, however, if you are interested in learning more about Telecounseling or Telementoring services, please email the team at Mi-teleCONNECT@med.umich.edu.