About MOC

About the Program

The Michigan Opioid Collaborative (MOC) is here to help Michigan providers who are treating patients with Opioid Use Disorders (OUDs). We provide consultations with Psychiatrists and Physicians who specialize in the use of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder/Medication Assisted Treatment (MOUD/MAT) and connect them with community-based Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) to provide assistance linking patients to other treatment, community supports, and resources. 

MOC is available to:

Arrange consultations

For DEA waivered providers who enroll in the program, MOC can provide same-day consultation with an MOUD/MAT specialty Psychiatrist or Physician who can help you with any questions or concerns as you treat patients with an OUD. For enrolled providers who do not have the waiver, a BHC can provide resources and support to help you obtain the DEA waiver.

Connect you to community based BHCs

BHCs are able to provide FREE assistance to providers, their team, or the patient directly. This may include identifying resources for further treatment such as mental health services, more intensive addiction treatment programs, or other connections to other community resources such as food assistance, housing, or other services.

Provide MOUD/MAT information

MOC can help disseminate information and training about MOUD/MAT and the possible benefits for providers/prescribers in your practice or clinic.

Help with clinic workflow

MOC is here to provide referrals for counseling, information on training in addictions counseling, and guidance on integrating monitoring practices into your clinic workflow.