Request a Consultation

The Michigan Opioid Collaborative’s goal in offering Substance Use Disorder consultation is to help providers in Michigan provide evidence-based, quality addiction treatment. Our team of addiction specialists, psychiatrists, OB/GYN and family medicine providers are here to help with patient cases questions related to treatment and management of substance use disorders.

Enrolled providers can request a consultation through our online form or by calling and speaking with a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC).  

If you are not yet enrolled in our program, please fill out our MOC agreement first. Consultation requests will be returned during business hours, 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Your online consultation will be triaged to a regional BHC, who ay contact you directly if additional information is needed. The BHC will then triage the request to the appropriate consulting physician.  

MOC is not an emergency service.  If you are a patient is experiencing an emergency, contact 911.