Office Hours

The Michigan Opioid Collaborative will be hosting Office Hours! This gives anyone the opportunity to speak with an addiction physician and a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) to ask your questions about addiction treatment.


NOTE: The button below is a link to the meetings, however, be aware that this isn’t an early registration link. We will be using the same Zoom link for all Office Hours sessions. Once you click the button, you will be added to the waiting room and invited in to the call once the physician and BHC are ready at 12pm on the day of the Office Hour. Anyone that is on our marketing email list will be sent this link the day of the Office Hour at 10am as a reminder.

June 9 | 12pm - 1pm

Physician and BHC:

Chris Frank, MD, PhD

Melissa DeMarse, LPC, CAADC

June 14 | 12pm - 1pm

Physician and BHC:

Jonathan Morrow, MD

Joanna Smith, LMSW, CAADC

June 21 | 12pm - 1pm

Physician and BHC:

Eliza Hutchinson, MD

Katrina Hernandez, MS

June 30 | 12pm - 1pm

Physician and BHC:

Robert McMorrow, DO, FASM

Megan Collett, MSW

(This button leads to a Zoom Meeting waiting room and won’t start until 12pm on the date of the Office Hour)